Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Men can't multitask

There was this meme floating around Facebook some time ago, you know the one where a woman gets annoyed because the man was looking into his laptop and answering her questions.  Women take offense because – Men can’t multitask.

Men apparently cannot hold a conversation when they fail to make eye contact and no the eyes were not trailing downward from the woman’s eyes they trail downward to the device on hand. The reason why men cannot hold a conversation – Men can’t multitask.

I am not sure if women checked if the responses they got from the men was correct and suitable because they are conditioned to think that men cannot give the right response because – Men can’t multitask.

I would like to think women enjoy riding pillion on bikes and the state of our roads ensures that they have an intimate ride usually. I would also like to think that these rides are interspersed with conversations or even sweet nothings. On a bike one is ahead and the other behind, one initiates dialogue the other responds one can see the back of a head the other the road ahead and it is required that the one ahead should be able to see the road ahead. Then when the man responds should the conversation not be acceptable because – men can’t multitask?

Replace a bike with a car, usually the man drives (not being sexist) and the woman engages into conversation. The man responds, he also watches the road, the rear view mirrors, landmarks, traffic lights and keeps the conversation going. Surely something is wrong here for – men can’t multitask.

Men can watch a match and keep a conversation going, can respond to a mail from office and keep a conversation going, can text someone and keep a conversation going, but it is simply not acceptable because – men can’t multitask.

Monday, May 19, 2014


So what is easier?
-          Blame the trash on the road on the others
-          Keep a dustbin and start throwing trash in the bin
-          Sweeping the trash and cleaning the road
-          Pointing a finger, laughing, making jokes and spreading them about those doing the second or third option

A new Parliament has been elected and euphoria has swept the nation, however it is interspersed with jokes on someone who attempted to clean up the trash. The tea seller leads a contingent with a third of tainted candidates, meaning they have at least one criminal case against them. Many other parties have at least one or more of similar tainted candidates and a casual reading of the cases against them will make you shudder for corruption may be the least of the charges against them. You will have murderers, rapists, extortionists in the list who have now being given the mandate to make laws.

Make no mistake I am not a fan of Kejriwal but I am a fan of what he wants to do. I like the idea that the road can be cleaned not by wishful thinking but by actually getting down and dirty. I chose to vote for the candidate who contested for the AAP because I went through his profile and I compared his profile with those of the others, it was a confirmation of the intent behind the party. Note that the winning candidate was not too far off the mark however he came from a political heritage and that tilted the balance.

The question that I am throwing here is before you pat yourself on your back for having voted, have you checked if the person getting the vote is deserving of the vote? The two seats that went to the NDA in Tamilnadu went to caste and religion and the party colours seemed to matter little. Why ridicule someone who dares to think different and even worse dares to do something different? Kejriwal has his flaws and if you had watched the blockbuster hit “Ko”, the Chief Minister had his also but he stood for a cause and in cinematic fashion the cause triumphed at the cost of the Chief Minister. 

People desired change and the verdict is still out whether this vote is for the BJP or against the Congress. I still feel that this is against the Congress a party which was given the mandate to rule for a second term to carry on the unfinished work of the earlier term. However lost in a delusion the Congress went the other way.

Kejriwal and the AAP require time and monitoring to observe the results. They are taking baby steps and a baby will fall till he / she finds sure footing, the parents have the responsibility to ensure that the baby is walking on sure and safe ground. There will be times when the parent will need to be firm and maybe a slap across the wrists will not be wrong when needed but to ridicule the child shows how low the parents can stoop too. Why call the people as parents? This was a movement by the people, of the people and for the people.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

I run...

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

Simple and even silly as it may sound, pause and think when the last time you really did something for the first time was. I noticed that these days I am doing new things and I am really happy that I could do them planned or otherwise. Having done some things now I look forward to doing more and it all started with a head ache.

Sometime in February I woke up early one morning with a splitting headache. The usual response would be to pop a pill and get back into bed but on that day I decided to go for a walk. I still am not sure why I decided to walk but that became a landmark moment. I returned after the walk with a clear head and feeling active. Then I started walking regularly increasing the distance, and slowly started running. I was warned that with my bulk running was best avoided yet I took small runs alone. Then I joined Chennai Runners on Facebook and searched for a chapter in Anna Nagar and in April I found a group.

I am running with this group for two months now and have started doing drills, workouts and my body is getting used to the challenges. I wake up without an alarm at 4 am and never fail to sleep by 10.30 PM the previous night. I have joined a training programme for runners and have signed up for a plankchallenge and though I was intimidated by the challenge I have completed nearly a third of it and I am surprised at the way I feel these days. I have joined running drills by professional runners who guide, monitor, mentor and train you to do more with minimal injuries.

My running has increased my self-confidence, I have lost 7 odd kilos and I am working on losing some more. I feel lethargic on days I do not indulge in physical activity like a walk or a run and these days I avoid the scooter for short trips. From being a newbie who was struggling to run and falling behind the others I am now able to do my planned distances at a steady pace. I have stopped using sugar in my coffee and tea, while almost avoiding desserts and fried junk food. After a few days I realized that I don’t miss them so much and if I am tempted a spoonful suffices to satisfy my craving.

Today I completed a run of 14 Kms, a run from Bougainvilla Park near the K4 police station in Anna Nagar to the Gemini flyover and back in around 2 hours and few minutes (my GPS app crashed en route) and I did it at a steady pace without getting winded or exhausted. I actually managed to do an extended stretching session afterwards.

They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and for many of the journeys mentioned above I have taken more than the single step. The challenge then is to avoid burnout, injury, boredom and worse lethargy. I was able to push myself a little more due to the support and camaraderie of the group I run with and especially to my running mate, a pretty young woman whose stamina always amazes me, she always helps me stretch my target just a little further. The other members of the group welcomed me and made me feel comfortable and they encouraged me to push ahead. Mornings have become a lot of fun and I wake up each day looking for the next challenge.

The group for those who are interested is called Tower Twisters, (there is a story behind the name) and can be found on Facebook. The group usually meets on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays for regular runs from the Bougainvilla Park on 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar near the K4 police station. The usual meeting time is 5.15 AM and the runs begin at 5.30 AM. Saturdays are devoted to LSD (Long Slow Distance) runs, like the one I completed today. Usually the Saturday runs end with a group breakfast that builds camaraderie and delights in the successes of each other.

The exhilaration at completing a new challenge, the happiness at doing something for the first time is what keeps us going. Why don’t you do something new for the first time?

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