Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The real thing...

In 1993 the “real thing” made a re-entry into India and soon changed the dining habits of many Indians.  It was not that we had no carbonated sugar water earlier, there was the Indian answer to Coke  “Double 7” and of course the many loved drinks from the Parle stable including the behemoth Thums Up. The difference then was that the drinks were refreshment and usually a time pass, you know what I mean, but Coke became part of meals and there started a revolution.

I grew up with the “real pepsi cola” the coloured drinks stored in thin plastic tubes and frozen in the refrigerators. Sold for 50 paisa or so they were a delight and lasted as long as the frozen drink took to melt and be sucked out of the tube. Small pleasures then but that and the other drinks called “colour” in the friendly neighbourhood   Annachi stores were an indulgence and usually an occasional indulgence.

The advent of Coke and the many junk food counters into the country ensured that junk was paired with cola despite them never matching. Every junk offering comes with the mandatory fries and a huge glass of cola with the mandatory ice cubes. After such meals you sometimes feel uneasy either you feel empty or you feel like your tummy is doing laps but rarely do you feel satiated like say after a half plate biriyani. The combination of oils and a cold drink can be deadly as it slows down digestion but you already know it don’t you?

Even biriyani hotels offer the cola combinations and even if you don’t I have watched with amazement when people order a cola telling me very confidently that it aids digestion and I nod in agreement thinking …

When the cola majors are losing their markets in lands of their origin, we are gulping them with various justifications after all it is the real thing. A tip for those who enjoy their biriyani like me, accept the white rice and the hot rasam afterwards, even better get a cup of the rasam and drink it. You may not burp like after the cola but you can be sure that the food will be better savoured. Personally I go for hot tea after my biriyani. Since junk food places may not offer hot drinks, you can always skip the cold stuff and hop over to the chettaa’s shop nearby for a nice hot cuppa.

P.S. ever wondered why the lovely jasmine tea served in some Chinese restaurants works with your heavy meal? 

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Monday, April 07, 2014



-   I overheard “To show God to me, I paid the priest 100 rupees…” I was left confused whether my sympathies lay with God or the devotee

 -      I stopped for a red light when the traffic cop stationed there flagged me on with a sarcastic smile. (The signal was erected recently due to pileup from two directions) I moved on only to stop beyond the light stuck in the inevitable jam which could have cleared if the cop had not intervened

-      I realized the benefit of the buddy system especially when you are into fitness training or running. A buddy can coax you on to new levels of endurance that you did not know existed. I doubled the distance I usually run thanks to a patient buddy who kept pace with me

-      I learnt that it is better to grimace and bear with an errant driver damaging your vehicle with his negligence than to take it up legally. The associated costs in terms of money, energy and effort may outweigh the cost of repairs.

-      I discovered that there may be some truth in the “early to bed, early to rise…” proverb. I have ticked off the healthy and wise but cannot seem to find the third anywhere.

-      I have become accustomed to skipping sugar in my coffee or tea, in the process I understood that sugar like salt is not indispensible

-      I saw that the usually political party defaced walls have been whitewashed by the Corporation. Not able to understand why political graffiti is permitted in the first place

-      I admired a brilliant public service ad by Star Sports for the elections. This year too I will nag others to vote and to vote responsibly

-      I was annoyed to see freedom of expression being consigned to the dustbin in Tamilnadu thanks to the efforts of fringe elements, jokers basically who have a bone to pick with everything that is not acceptable to their point of view, be it a book or a movie. The state sadly has succumbed to their designs.

-      I was pained to see the rapid decline of a star on the cricket field, whose struggles contributed to a famous loss in some part

-      I came across music that I have stopped hearing / watching because is so rare on the original music channel MTV. MTV is a parody of what I grew up with. (Check the link below for an interesting video)