Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Wine matures with age...

Driving past the girls college on Cathedral road in the afternoon, out of habit I looked at the girls in the bus stop and realized that this was not a girls college any more...

I asked D in the passenger seat and she agreed that most of those standing looked like ladies and not girls. Rudely said they look old and mature.

Some where the freshness of youth was missing what was visible atleast to our eyes were young women mature and old on the threshold of life. I wondered if things were the same when we were in college so many years ago and we believe it was not. Collegians still looked right, in between school and the higher studies or workplace, the problem I believe is deeper. During a carol competition last December many of the school students were unbelievably huge and looked more like post graduates (at the risk of sounding very very rude) than high schoolers, and high school of the Indian type not what is shown on Hollywood movies.

I suppose it is the system and the excessive pressure that parents put on their kids these days that kids have grown up earlier than they should. At 2 a play school, the very term is offensive, why put play and school together? You don't need to be schooled to play and you don't need a school charging astronomical fees to teach kids to play. Then a competitive school, cram a few tuitions, sports, music, and every thing else the parents could not till the kid becomes a master who can multitask and handle any challenge the world will throw at him / her.

From the age of 2 a kid is groomed for tomorrow so much to the point that many kids are already seeing tomorrow today. I read some where that kids are hitting puberty earlier than before, it may be natural but I believe it has been made natural by so many external and often unnecessary factors.

My doctor ticked me off for spending time on my interests on Sundays, he said that on Sunday nothing is more important that playing with my daughter. The key word here is play with the daughter and no, I am not getting PSX.

These ladies on the road were a wake up call for me that I will play with my daughter as much as I can and let her discover tomorrow on her own terms as much as I can. If she finds it a day later, I must learn to understand it is not the end of the world and that the best thing in the world is the present and that is why it is called a gift. (quote from Kung fu panda)

Monday, February 07, 2011

Morality are you there?

We are a morally deficient people and it is rare for most of us to deny this outrageous accusation.

Just think how many time have we done things that are wrong but our own self serving end justifying the means theory will ensure that we give morals the go by. Sometimes the other self serving declaration every one else does it so why not I also helps.

Just think when was the last time we
- gave a DIY rent receipt to save tax at the year end?
- collected a free be TV or bought stuff at a fair price shop meant for the BPL?
- last watched a block buster on CD at home?
- jumped a red light or drive down the wrong side?
- avoided a bill just to save the VAT and become part of the black money trail?

If acts of commission are bad the acts of commission are worse

- women are maimed for resisting rape and get thrown of trains
- public wealth is blatantly looted by a vested few
- public servants demanding bribes for doing their job
- shop keepers selling above the MRP blatantly violating law

I stop here because it is simply depressing to proceed any further