Monday, December 21, 2009

Time flies

I have been away from this pace for two months now and much sand has flown down.

- My bundle of joy Trinity is now three months old, has come home and is quite a handful.

- Have closed two deals and have launched them, which took a lot of time and effort but is now bringing in the money for my company

- The children's choir have been videographed twice, the first one was quite a disaster done for the Divine TV and thankfully will not be seen by many, the second was for Vijay TV for Sing the Season 2009 where the kids competed with some very good senior choirs and though lost, held their own and left me immensely satisfied. YOu may catch them on air on 24th of December between 5-7 PM

- The John Miln's Chorale completed yet another annual carol service, and quite truthfully we messed up and it pains that we did not do justice to our master. But somewhere down the line I felt that this time we were very underprepared.

- I have travelled up and down the two states I handle and have got quite tired of seeing trains

- Many other things have kept me occupied so much so that this year I fear that Christmas may pass me by. I do not think I will go carolling, nor could I go and see any carol service. The decorations at home are half-hearted and my touch is missing.

But I will make my resolution before the new year, that I will be back to blogging and I think Trinity will give me lot of material to blog.

Best Wishes for a very joyous and grace filled Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A present

Remember the episode where Ali says “Gift” for his attendance and goes on to explain to Mr. Brown that he is learning new words in English and that gift is another word for present. To the ignorant lot the scene is from one of the episodes of Mind Your Language, a silly BBC show that still manages to make me laugh despite its biases and flawed views.

Anyway the topic on hand is gift or present if you please, the kind that is given to other people every time they call invite you for food. Staying on the topic I remember a story in Archie where Mr. Lodge is worried about the Christmas gift list because he has to ensure that 1) he gifts the same value to those who had gifted him so that he does not embarrass them 2) he does not gift lower in value to those who gifted him so that he does not appear cheap. The biggest worry is to gift a business prospect who would give him a large business order. Betty tears up his list saying that the Christmas spirit is not measured in money and explains the real spirit of Christmas. The story ends with Mr. Lodge sending a box of home made fudge to that client who despite getting big gifts from others valued the fudge and gives the contract to Mr. Lodge because he understood the real spirit of Christmas.

Now I may have bored you with these two stories but they sum up my activities recently. Owing to tight budgets, office sanctioned us a very small amount to gift our business contacts for Deepavali. Now the festival is characterized with excessive gifting and many clients actually expect to be gifted. So after much jugglery we ended up giving chocolates to the clients and despite our best efforts we ended up exceeding the budget and paying from our own pockets as the list kept growing. One take away was that there are principled people who declined these gifts and said that they would appreciate these gifts being given to those really in need. Then there are others who add the gift to their growing collection and just go about their work. Often our small gift got lost in the heaps.

The problem is more acute when it comes to friends and relatives, when I find that around me everyone has the same problem as Mr. Lodge. You cannot gift more or less than what you are gifted. I think this is silly and defeats the purpose of gifting. Thoughtless gifts are as problematic as gifts that take up so much mind space. If some body gives me something worth X and I give back something valued X, then it is simply a barter transaction and nothing more. I don’t think we can ever give back what we get, and we only manage to play out this farce with people whom we should care for. Aunt A gives you a chain for your wedding, so you give daughter of Aunt A a chain of same grammage for her wedding. If that is the case then lets do away with gifts completely, I admire those who take this stand. I have missed two opportunities, I think next time I will also do this.

A gift is a symbol of our love, if the symbol is going to be measured by the amount given by the other then we have a real problem on our hand and maybe is a reason why this world is so love less. As mentioned before we can never always give back the same value to those who gift us, especially those who really matter to us, and for those who do not matter so much why bother. The list of people who matter God, parents, family…

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

This and that

You may know that attempted suicide is a punishable offence in India with a prison term of a year. Funny as it may sound I think that the one year behind bars may actually give some time for the person to plan better to die or to live.

On the topic of suicides, I am fed up with the many suicidal cases on the road who choose different vehicles to end their miseries, I almost ran into one such today. She was a pregnant young woman who ignored the zebra crossing and tried to dash across the road, I missed hitting her by inches and in the confusion she fell down. As usual the bunch of good Samaritans jumped to the damsel in distress and gave me lecture on how I should apologize. My short fuse blew and I gave a blast to all, the cops included who wanted me to be “humanitarian”. I ask you, will you blame the noose if a suicide attempt fails? I felt sorry for the woman, but it was replaced by anger, how can anyone be so careless with their life and more so when there is one more life to consider.

The floods are ravaging AP and Karnataka, however we are relatively safe. Time people realized that the river linking is really something that cannot be procrastinated on any longer. And water wars become a thing of the past.

Whatever happened to the swine flu? It has now been reduced to a small column article in the newspaper and I wonder if any of the news channels still spend time on it. I remember last month at this time when the railway platforms in Hyderabad were filled with masked people and there was panic everywhere, now things are back to normal and any new death that is reported has become just another statistic.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Back from a break...

Hi! It’s been a long exile from this space and the reasons are a few:

* We shifted residence and the settling down took some time

* Airtel took a fortnight to transfer my net connection

* The net connection in office has for some reason gone slow, so slow that it makes snail mail more attractive than Gmail

* I’m still not very comfortable with mobile posting at least not with the Xpress music handset

* And yes, I am now the proud dad of a little girl!!!

So bear with me as I settle down and things get back to normal again and before I sign off I have had two big successes at work, this coming after more than two years of work, the taste of success became just that bit sweeter.

Ms. T. Clement

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Madras Day!!!

Look closely and you will see a part of the history of Madras. For those of you still scratching your heads this is a sun dial. And when I last checked it was still remarkably accurate. If I want to check the time in the sun and if I am near the Basilica of the National Shrine of St. Thomas a genuine wonder of the city, I will just go behind the church and check the time. So what do I do if I am some where else?

On a serious note, wishing you all a very happy Madras day! And if you are wondering what to do over the weekend try this...

Monday, August 10, 2009


Remember Will Smith in Enemy of the state? He went shopping for lingerie which was a big mistake because afterwards he became THE enemy of the state. Thankfully such things don’t happen here, and more importantly I don’t need to ask someone for the size because I ensure the wearer comes along.

I was very uncomfortable when D said that I accompany her the first time. Now I have an issue with D’s shopping that I may have mentioned before. I do not mind shop hopping and pulling out the entire rack to search for that one item we intended to buy, but I do not approve walking away empty handed after ransacking an entire shop and finding nothing. I believe a good sales person should be appreciated and the best appreciation is a sale. So I don’t approve of the routine of running from shop to shop and buying nothing. Crazy you may say, but after so many years in sales, I empathize with every good salesperson.

All the above mentioned, shop hopping, raiding the racks are avoided when we go lingerie shopping because you do not have that many shops and the available shops seem to be spaced out. So you invariably end up shopping in one place which is a good thing, considering the hassles of finding a parking slot. So coming back to our shopping expeditions, it was quite funny walking into a store for the first time and find that you are probably the only male around, surrounded by inner wear, sleep wear etc. You must watch the movie because it is not a big deal when you are just doing the payment bit and you do not have to worry about the opinion poll after visits to trial rooms. However I must admit I have never ever wandered in alone and I don’t plan to do so.

Nowadays I have got quite used to the entire process, that I don’t bother to make unnecessary phone calls to appear busy and just manage to sit around and wait for the sales process to end. It helps also if there are some old mags lying around for obvious reasons. To sign off after many visits I am actually glad that the stores of today are what they are and provide adequate depth and breadth of offerings with sufficient displays to make informed choices. Just wish they may offer better seats and some other entertainment for the most important people who pay the bills.

PS read entertainment as maybe a TV or some more magazines

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Train tales

(An old incomplete post that got missed out sometime ago, now dusted and completed.)

Travel by train teaches you many things, not least of them is the extent of selfishness of many people you travel with. My first learning (actually I learnt this a few trips ago, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks) is to avoid the sleeper class or the 3rd AC compartments whenever possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not snobbish or anything and I prefer the sleeper classes because in those compartments you get fresh air and reduces claustrophobia and also because the people traveling sleeper seem more sociable than those traveling in the higher classes. Sometimes you just travel with minimal or no contact with the co-passengers.

But my acute dislike for the sleeper class is because of a few things: Lalu’s idiosyncrasy in adding an additional berth in the side and making overall travel extremely uncomfortable to those poor souls stuck on the side berths. Since I make last minute bookings I end up with side berths. The side berths by themselves are not bad if you get the lower, but here comes problem number two. Any numbers of women, arthritis patients, geriatrics, heart patients and what have you seem to spring up out of nowhere to claim that lower berth as their own as if it was their birthright. Very often these crack pots do not have the basic courtesy to even excuse themselves, saying you can sleep elsewhere as I have this problem and so on. Another big problem is the urge to eat and sleep the minute the train leaves the station. The other day the train started at 7.30, by 7.45 two huge old women had finished their dinner and stared at us poor co-travellers menacingly urging us to lower the middle berths for one of them to sleep and the other fought a loosing battle with a heart patient for his lower berth.

With the advent of the internet booking you have a choice of the berths and often you get what you want, but inevitably the lower berth seems to be coveted by many who come up with every possible excuse to dislodge you from it. I have heard of arthritis, weak heart, back pain, ladies can’t climb and many more and though I sometimes move up, I find this very irritating of late. If I must travel by a sleeper class in the summers I try to get a lower berth because of the window that allows some air circulation, but have to endure these whiners who try to shame you out of your seat and then promptly drop the shutter to stifle you for the entire journey.

You have some who come with the loudest kids around ( I like kids, I really do) who climb every where, throw things around and then throw tantrums around while the lovely parents totally oblivious to all these go about with their activities. I remember one sprightly kid who insisted on wishing every one good night late in the night, its not a bad thing actually, unless you were sleeping and were woken up to hear the angelic good night.

You have those who ensure that the journey is a gastronomical adventure, coming with huge packed meals that will make the coach smell like a food cart. I have been assaulted by the smells of biriyani to curd rice and sometimes too much of it can be bad especially for people with olfactory disabilities like myself.

All said and done, train journeys are great experiences and can be quite memorable (now you can understand the picture).You never know what they may throw at you.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

After a break

Been away from Blogger for quite some time and I blame it on a few reasons led by the eternal criminal Lethargy. I was also busy with a few work related issues that kept me occupied, so much so I never got around to blogging in office. Spare time in office was what started me off initially.

Anyway coming down to the issues, lethargy is too wide a topic to merit a meaningful discussion so I will move on to work and more specifically work related travel. Work related travel takes up too much of my time and leaves me tired, it also leaves me bored because I end up without internet for a few days at a stretch so even if I have time I’m out of touch. The other problem is that travel tires you out more so when you age. (I actually got a side middle once)

Speaking of age, I have hit the big T; I am now out of the twenties and into my thirtieth year on earth. It irks me no end when people look at you and comment on my gray hair. It is surprising because the first strands of gray peeked out even while I was in college, so what if you can see more of it now. It means I’m old or I’m wise, take your pick, they are both facts.

Friends make the journey of life interesting and enjoyable. Was happy to meet up with a gang of friends after a few months. Now our gang is as disparate as you can get with me the oldest and the youngest still in college. But it is really a time that is well spent and I thank God for my friends. While on friends, we were the victims of yet another rip off at Café Coffee Day. You may want to read an earlier story on CCD.

Now this ad merits a post by itself and I may actually post one, but I would like you to please explain this, because it leaves me totally confused.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The king is gone...

A small part of me has been consigned to history. The king of pop is no more but his legacy is enduring. I remember the first ever English tape that I bought was Bad and over the years his music endured even as I heard so many other artists. He was and will be a genius.

There is only one king of pop and today his absence has left a huge vacuum that will never be filled.

Thank you for the music and all those happy moments that were a part of my growing years.

Even as a kid you sang, "just call my name and I'll be there...",

MICHEAL JACKSON, the world calls....

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Daddy strongest!

Heard this anecdote during sermons twice over this extended weekend and thought I will share it with you at Father's day...

There was an aeroplane that hit heavy turbulence during a flight and caused the oxygen masks to come out. As the turbulence increased the passengers grew disturbed and restless,but one little girl was deeply engrossed in a book and seemed oblivious to the goings on around her. Her neighbour asked her if she was not scared at the situation, the little girl replied that her father was the pilot of the plane and she knew that he will take her home safely...

Every day we knowingly hand over our lives to so many unknown people in the auto, taxi, bus, plane, train etc and we do it without a second thought, yet when our life needs piloting we do not have enough faith on the expert and we try to drive ourselves.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More random notes

I just couldn’t help noticing the distinct lack of gloom around when India got knocked out of the T20 championship rather prematurely. I didn’t bother with the opinions of the wise men from the many TV channels or websites as frankly I think it was a game where one simply played better and not much post mortem was merited. This fact was further reinforced when MSD owned responsibility for the batting order change and like many others who felt that Yuvi was the best option to face the faster men, but they are gambles that MSD takes. When he used Raina to bowl in the IPL at crunch situations and it worked we oohed and aahed, but had it flopped the knives would have been out and already IBN is asking if he should resign. Shame on you, it is very easy to sit in the air-conditioned confines and deliberate meaninglessly but it wont change a thing on the field.
At the end it remains just a game.

It was yet another busy weekend and there was nothing much I could do about it as there was a family function and I had the inevitable driving responsibilities from dawn to dusk. The function went off well and with it did D to her mum’s place.

Appraisals have come and gone with such a wonderful increment that I am searching for a magnifying glass to fully see it. And the chorus, “you job is your bonus and your full salary is your increment” is reaching deafening levels by all the superiors you bump into.

My food blog is up and running with my first post and I will be putting up the 2nd today, so I have yet another connect to the blogosphere. And now I am thinking of a local level portal that may actually stop being a thought and go live in some time.

PS. I did a google search for Chennai Burps and the result was quite pleasing.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Random notes from the weekend

The problem with weekends is that they invariably end. That may not be a bad thing but when it ends leaving you exhausted it can be very bad, so bad you wonder what the cure is for a weekend ending blues.

It was a hectic weekend that involved some very heavy duty eating. One HUGE pot luck lunch, a wedding dinner, a non-veg meals at a Chettinad hotel and yet another wedding dinner can leave one tired. At least it left me tired as in between all this eating was a lot of traveling and some singing which resulted in me ending up in bed for most of yesterday.

Staying on the topic of food, I am contemplating starting my own food blog, ever since I have become a kind of resource person to my friends and colleagues on the eat outs in Chennai; I guess it might actually work.

The IPL airtime has been taken over by the T20 world cup and since the commentators are not hyping it like the IPL there is absolutely no hype on this world event. At the time of writing this the Aussies have got beaten by darker people out of the cricket arena, first the Windies and then the Lankan Lions made sure that bullies are not forever.

I watched and enjoyed the match between Tigers and St. Patrick’s men the other day. In the end it seemed that only one team came up to win the other just Afridied through the game. Afridied is my contribution to the lexicon, it stands for those who are mercurially talented but suffer from prolonged bouts of brainlessness. Prolonged effects of the Afridied effect will end up leaving coaches with balding pates. How can you explain a captain who has the ability to smash the best of bowlers to all parts of the field and yet wants to give slip catching practice to his opponents?

The commentating fraternity has been expanded to include Jumbo and the Prince. You cant help noticing how Bhogle is hand holding Jumbo as he finds his way about and in the middle of the hand holding came a gem from Bhogle “At times you see the artist playing like the artisan” this was to define a wild reverse heave by Mahela who is usually a purist’s delight. Bhogle’s hair or correctly the increase of it is still causing me some amusement.

I have the privilege of teaching some fabulously gifted kids in the children’s choir and on the Sunday gone by we sang at a shrine outside Chennai and it was with a lot of pride I received the compliments from the visitors who were absolutely taken up with the singing. Being a choir we cannot afford to delight in our efforts for it was not nor ever will be a performance but our humble thanks offering to the Creator for the talents he has given. If God is surrounded by his angels making music I can imagine a little of how it must sound after all children are little angels.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random notes

All good things come to an end, even the IPL. It ended after Lalit Modi thanked his wife and kids for bearing with him as he went about his work, maybe just maybe he must have apologized to us who fell victim to his work. And for once somebody from within has actually cut the BCCI behemoth down to size. And try as much as Modi may the EPL will still be the better event even though I am a cricket buff. I say this because the IPL is an overkill of activity that is jammed into too little time. It is draining for the viewers and the players alike and players risk their limbs for their pot of gold.

Staying with cricket as Gayle showed national duty may not be a big thing after all, and if you want to do national duty then join the armed forces in the era of professional sport it all comes down to money. I sympathize with Gayle coming from a confederation of sovereign national islands; national loyalty may not actually work out. It’s a pity that NRIs who want to play for India were barred because of some nationalist policies that banned people who don’t live in India, representing the country.

The triumph of the underdog was as enjoyable as Slum Dog Millionaire, but it left you wondering if the format in the present scheme is flawed. The best two teams sat out of the summit clash, while the underdogs battled for their moment of glory. Moving from cricket even in the Indian Polling League there was the remarkable march of the underdogs with many first timers and perceived weaklings laughing their way to the Lok Sabha today.

Women on bikes have generally amused me for a few reasons:- 1) They drag their feet along the road (you know what I’m talking about) and till TVS came up with those BSA Champ like side wheels they had no other alternative 2) They wrap a scarf or a dupatta all around them, wear dark glasses, really long gloves and start the bike like a terrorist or bandit queen look alike and some how invariably fail to care for their heads, they forget that complexion or a crown of hair may be useless when they loose their head 3) They manage to sit on the small luggage carriers that some how protrude beyond the bike (usually someone else is on the pillion seat) and manage to remain seated for their journey 4) They can sit with both legs on one side in the conventional fashion when sari clad behind the rider and allow the other woman clad in pants to sit astride the bike behind her 5) they have the same disregard for rules, even if the rules were meant for personal safety like most brainless men do 6) they like to brag about how extremely fast they rode the other day when in all probability they would have done the top speed on their scooty (you know what I am talking about). Its not that I think they are all bad drivers, in fact I always think that the girl I once spotted on a RX as the coolest biker around, till maybe Alisha Abdullah came around.

A new virus is spreading around and it is leaving a few wives frustrated, it is online Scrabble. I am hooked and as I look around on Facebook, it seems to be catching like wild fire. D is getting absolutely frustrated that now Scrabble is keeping me hooked, and when she compared notes with others she found that the same story was being played out in their homes. On a happier note, I have started remembering words that habe been consigned to the depths of grey matter with disuse and constantly discovering new words that I never knew existed before. I just don’t know why it took me so long to get hooked to my childhood passion again.

As mentioned at the start all good things… another thing that has ended is the very silly question that gets thrown at you by anyone / everyone when they know you are married and married in the last few years. You know what I am talking about, the proverbially annoying question, “Any Good news?”. For starters I’m not a news maker and if you want Good news then go buy the news paper or better still read the Bible, stop asking this silly question to others. You would have inferred that if the questions have stopped then 1) there is news 2) we live in peace. Sadly every ending has a new beginning, now I’m getting irritated with “on the family way, you never told me”. Life goes on.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A new dawn

A lot has happened since my last post. The IPL is almost done and we are now at the start of the knock out phase and though I’m a little disappointed that the royals missed out, I am very happy with the final four. The best team, the best balanced team with the coolest captain around and two back markers from last year make for interesting viewing. Though my heart is with the Super Kings, I’m backing the RCB as the spirited underdogs of the campaign. Two days will tell the full story.

I peeled off a small bit of the indelible ink from my fore finger and there in lies a tale. I voted and though my vote was just among another 2000 odd in the final count, I felt happy that this election was one like no other before it. For once the country voted in large numbers and they voted with a head and a heart. For once many well known personalities competed as independents just to show that politics is not a cess pool.We saw a vote for continuity, stability and a vote for performance. I read a text on Facebook that said ”Thank God the UPA won, now the minorities can continue to live in India”, an unfair comment to our secular country but a sign of the times and the campaigns that dominated the political space. Opportunists were dumped en masse and all those fence sitters who thought that they could go with the tide found themselves stranded in some sand bank. One leader in particular is the cause of much merriment today having been blanked out in TN after jumping ship yet again. The list of opportunists and regional chieftains who bit the dust is spectacular and it must be a humbling experience for those who thought that the public was ignorant.

Staying with opportunism, the news media is agog with one geriatric trying to flood the parliament with his progeny and you wonder what would have happened if he had a few more families that what is currently accepted. What irks the discerning public is the obscene clamour for cabinet berths that are publicly known to be money pots. Last term one crook destroyed or put into cold storage one glittering achievement of Mr. Vajpayee that ensured the country will be connected by road in all four directions, sadly the plan got hijacked and almost buried. Now the ministry that made it to the IIM for the most spectacular turn around is being coveted, God help us. I have become a big fan of Rahul Gandhi and some day I may become a card carrying member of his party if he continues in the way he is now. The triumvirate of Mr. Singh is King, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul have shown what it is to be politicians with some spine and desire to walk their talk.

Finally I am happy that Jaago Re, Lead India and all the other similar campaigns that helped to make this election a success. I am glad that I got a chance to do my little campaigning through this blog, Facebook, Orkut, Gmail etc and I sit back delighted it was not a wasted effort.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The buffet table

I really feel sorry for SRK, even more when I see the Sprite ad. In hindsight I wonder if he should have just got some hit men in the team because what is happening on the field is a Knight mare. If you must drop a few catches then for heaven’s sake get 170 odd runs behind you as CSK showed the other night. Even captain cool was disturbed with that run out circus.

As for Mr. Sun who keeps repeating the same set of set phrases every other time no matter who inappropriate they seem maybe a stint in VETA may effect a change around. If the game turns on its head twice then it gets back to standing position again, so what the big idea? I really do think that a little experience would aid commentary for how many of those wielding the mike has played 20 / 20 or even an international one day match in recent times? Or you should be a trained professional with some mike skills. “Ho Ho Ho” may sound appropriate for Santa Claus and even kids don’t fall for it nowadays and yet we have one wise man that does it on TV.

The other day I happened to notice a chauffer driven black Accord near me waiting for the green light at the Nandanam signal. I saw an executive looking guy work on his laptop in the low light; I was sufficiently impressed till the car moved forward to reveal a game of Solitaire in full flow. Some things never change.

Mafia Wars on Facebook (if you didn’t know it’s an app that has caught my fancy) is taking up a significant part of my FB time. I have reached level 42 something and have five 5 star hotels, a few mega casinos, diners etc and a whole lot of cash. My mafia incidentally is 11 strong and tends to get licked in many a fight but I pick on the smaller mafias and end up winning a few (I haven’t figured out another way to win as yet, maybe you have some ideas). It is fun and silly at the same time and till it wears out I may move up a few more levels still.

Have changed my mobile after my MY700X died on me, heard my brother’s also gave up the ghost in about the same time. D put the idea of Xpress Music 5310 in my head and after a short search I ended up with it only. Decent phone but the play list is painful and having had fun with Sagem this is a dampener. Otherwise it is a sleek and slim phone and as is my nature have dropped it a few times and got it duly scratched so that everyone knows it’s my phone. And yes yet to figure out how to connect to the net through Wi fi with the phone.

A while ago there was a mad rush of people getting married with me and all around me and now it’s the time of the baby boom. I’m getting invited to a few weddings (the last few singles of my age) and many christenings of late. Conversations have switched from fast cars and girl watching to prams and babysitting. Newer responsibilities get added every day and now with one more life to fret about and added complications at work it seems that my plate is overloaded from a huge buffet line.

So I have no better option than to hit the table after all D has a ready stock of Pudin Hara at home for any eventualities.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here and there again

I delayed my food in the morning for a "domestic" issue, why do I not merit news space? 1) Its just domestic or 2) it wasn’t 6.5 hours?

Twitter does not give you that many words but that is my status message as of now. Actually this was the story of yesterday when I was upset over something and ate late, I thought it was no big deal but then I realized had I stretched to 6.5 hours I may have eaten up so much airtime on the news channels. But I had two things against me 1) you need to fast for an international issue; old issues like water don’t wash any more 2) you need to be a celebrity political or otherwise. And hey D ensures that I never go out of food always and I love her for that also.

I was actually oblivious to the soap that unfolded yesterday till I heard from dad that there were some miscreants expressing their feelings for their fasting leader by hurling a few stones around in Coimbatore. By the time I checked the online news, the opera ended. I guess this fast has belittled the latter part of my earlier post.

Since I have decided to blog on the IPL let me say that I’m having a lot of fun reading fake IPL player than the action on the field which at times gets very boring. Honestly the matches are getting wearisome and most of the little magic out there is being dished out by the veterans and the pensioners.

The divas are smiling again with their teams winning and it is a better sight though strangely both of them are without their men. The King is finding his dreams go up in his cigarette fumes, maybe he should kick both. CSK my favourite team and one of the better balanced team is shooting itself in the foot. Albie is at times bowling the team out of winning positions because he bowls to the batsmen’s strengths, at their legs. The Think tank has to wake up to the power of slow bowling and try out Ashwin, if Raina can, surely he must have a hope. And Dhoni can try bowling, right now anything and everything must be explored.

The commentary as already mentioned hurts and often I think its better to mute the TV at all times and not just when the ads run. Couldn’t help noticing that the camera pans at the legs and often from below each time the cheer leaders come on. I’m not sure if that is to boost flagging TRP’s. I have a sneaky suspicion that this series will implode soon, because it is lacking something and everything that comes on TV looks very farcical. It just looks like a large scale reality show that is stage managed.

This morning I had the good fortune of seeing Captain (now you understand the picture) spouting his lines in chaste Hindi in a dubbed flick on Set Max. Not a bad idea in itself considering the fact that Captain had inaugurated the Delhi branch of his party a few months earlier, he may work his magic there too. After all he is a national treasure and after so many movies trying to save the country he may actually have something there.

Before I sign off, elections are on and another phase is happening tomorrow. Don’t forget to vote, its our right and our duty. Jaago Re!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here and there

As promised, I will start with the IPL. This season looks to be more balanced and matches will be more evenly contested making for interesting viewing. The sore points that stick out and make the viewing painful in no particular order and my suggestions to improve viewer delight:

• The time outs that border on insanity just to accommodate ads fool no one, if it is tactical then here is my option, offer both captains a time out of 5 minutes max that they may take at their convenience like few other sports. Then it will become tactical as a captain may use it to change or break the opponents’ momentum and will add a new twist to the bikini version of cricket.

• We don’t want Ms Zinta mouthing shit every time a wicket falls, for variety she can maybe try some other profanity that cannot be lip read by the viewers

• The extraaa long discussions before, in between and after the match with a bunch of old wise men in Hindi bore you to death despite all their words of wisdom. Frankly these people are better off doing Hindi commentary on radio and do not have the camera presence or the gift of the gab to keep the weary audiences entertained

• Ms. Noodle straps who has since ditched the straps for strapless clothes and has also ditched quite a lot of weight looks a pale and tired shadow of herself and seems due for a well deserved retirement, though she seems to have become very knowledgeable about cricket over the years

• Mr. Cheeka trying to speak Hindi with a disgusting accent every time his inputs are solicited on the Super Kings

• The commentators who seem to be grinding the same flour repeatedly (you must know the Tamil proverb to appreciate this) with a few stale set phrases that makes you wish for Sidhuisms again. Try these, “this match will go down to the wire” or “like a tracer bullet” or “ho ho ho”. Thankfully Harsha is back again with his brand of speak easy that is so pleasing to the ear. More of him please.

• Ms. Duckworth and Lewis have left many a broken heart in their wake, time we find a better alternative for their algorithms or better still lets play the match again in the sun some other time.

You may have seen the “Bell Bajao” series of ads that were on TV recently. If you have missed them let me share with you the plots.

Plot 1: It basically is shot in a normal middle class colony where a few kids are playing cricket when suddenly they hear the noise of a woman wailing and her husband beating her, the kids get disturbed and then walk up to the house and ring the bell. The beating stops and after a while the door opens showing the husband, the kids ask him for their ball, he looks around and says there is no ball when the kids show him that they have the ball in hand.

Plot 2: Yet another closed door from when the sounds of wife beating resounds, suddenly the bell rings when the husband opens there is a rough looking man who asks for sugar / milk (can’t remember) when the husband returns the man has disappeared.

The ads conclude that when you hear or see domestic violence you can take a stand to stop it by doing something simple like even ringing the bell.
But people who are reading this please note that you must ring the bell of the house where the abuse is happening.

Now somebody tell this to those who are planning to strike tomorrow for a bigger case of domestic abuse.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One way to beat work lows

Why is it Good to You Tube and Facebook at Work?

Watch it

and if you are not convinced read about it.

PS been a little lazy to blog, now that IPL is on may start blogging on it.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Work lows

“If there is a red carpet awaiting the boss at a client it’s probably because it is our blood on the floor…”

The above statement came out inadvertently during an office conversation and is reflective of the frame of mind that I find myself lately. Having 3 major setbacks in quick succession, basically deals lost to competition even with a superior offering can hurt and hurt real bad. When the deals were lost for reasons that seem illogical, you wonder what is happening around you. And when you take the rap simply because there is no one else, it can’t get any worse.

In the middle of the Holy Week, slow realization dawns that if it can’t get any worse it can only get better.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Stations of the Cross

I led the Stations of the Cross in church for the first time. I would like to share my thoughts with you...

Many centuries ago one man carried a heavy piece of wood up a hill, what made the job even more difficult was that he was battered, bruised, dehydrated having been beaten up by the soldiers just a few hours earlier. If this were to happen today, it will be reported over and over again with graphic visuals in many of the news channels we would probably watch it repeatedly, debate a few times at the kind of atrocities and after some time just move on, just as we did when Orissa burned or when nuns were raped. Why? Simply because it did not happen to us, it happened to somebody else, what can we possibly do? After all we have jobs to do, food to cook, kids to be taken care of, it’s not our job. Today we live in an insular world, an indifferent world where if it does not affect me directly, it does not matter to me.
As we reflect on the Stations of the Cross we will ponder over this indifference to ourselves, to others and to our God.

The First Station
1. Jesus is condemned to death: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

She wears clothes like this, she must be of loose morals; he does not do things like us, he is not one of us.
We condemn people and it is the easiest thing to do based on our experience, prejudices and beliefs. Even Jesus was condemned because he simply was not one of the people then, he did not “fit in”. Every wrong judgment that is passed can leave an impact on the judged person, and for many, such judgments could be a life sentence, but we are often indifferent to our actions and their effects on others. It is said in the Bible we are not to judge else we will be judged too.

Let us pause for a few moments and reflect if we have been passing wrong judgements on our fellow men…Have mercy on us O Lord.

The Second Station
2. Jesus is given his cross: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

As we saw earlier we judge people in doing so we give them a cross, often for a life time. The worst cross that people are made to carry is the cross of discrimination. We tend to discriminate people on creed, caste, race, colour, wealth and any other superficial attribute that makes two people appear different. It is sad that even today caste exists in the Catholic Church. I am sure that we still offer a community column in our very own Matrimonial bureau.
Like it happened with Jesus we make others carry the cross because we are indifferent to them. We don’t think or treat them as equals, human beings who are made just like us in the same image and likeness of God.

Let us pause for a few moments and reflect if we have been indifferent to our equality with our fellow men…Have mercy on us O Lord.

The Third Station
3. Jesus falls the first time: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

We all fall. In the first fall let us examine the personal dimension. The most important step in falling is to be aware of our fall. We cannot be indifferent to our fall. The prodigal son had to come to himself and when he came to himself he got up. So it is with us, often it is very comfortable to remain fallen it is easier to lie down than to get up. But, as we see Jesus rose up and walked. We too should do the same. “Yes I shall arise and return to my Father, I will say, I have sinned, I have sinned”
Let us pause and ponder if we are comfortable to remain fallen…Have mercy on us O Lord.

The Fourth Station
4. Jesus meets His Mother: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

Honour your father and your mother, the fourth commandment is very clear and leaves no room for ambiguity. There is a saying that the child is the father of the man, what it means is that when the child has grown up the child has the job of taking care of his parents in their old age. If this were true, old aged homes will probably go out of business. As we grow older and have many more daily challenges we tend to get indifferent to the needs and wants of our parents. Often money may not be the greatest of their needs as is our time or a kind word.

Let us pause and reflect if we have been indifferent to our parents…Have mercy on us O Lord.

The Fifth Station
5. Simon of Cyrene carries the cross: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

Suffering cannot be explained but only experienced and no words will suffice to explain that until we walk through it. Very often we see a brother carrying his cross and we go our way unaffected, indifferent, because we are busy with other things, much like the priest in the story of the Good Samaritan. Unlike Simon the Good Samaritan was not forced with the cross, rather he felt for the wounded man and did his part. Whether we are forced to carry our brother’s cross or we carry because we felt his suffering, we must remember the golden words “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brother, that you do unto me

Let us pause and reflect if we have been indifferent to the crosses of our brothers and sisters…Have mercy on us O Lord

The Sixth Station
6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The greatest journey of doing good to others starts with a small step, to dispel the darkness we just need to light a candle. Mother Theresa is revered today not because she did big things but many small things, which together became very big. When we go on a procession to Divine Mercy Shrine on Good Friday, the small water packets and the butter milk make a big difference in the heat, so it is for many others who yearn for simple things, but are not able to ask for many reasons, the biggest reason being our indifference!

Let us pause and reflect if we have been indifferent to those little things that would have made a huge difference to our brothers and sisters…Have mercy on us O Lord

The Seventh Station
7. Jesus falls the second time: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

The second dimension of the fall is the God dimension. The best way to fall is to fall on our back, because when we fall like that our eyes are fixed up on the heavens. Just like a child who when he falls down turns to his parents for help so it is with us. We cannot be indifferent to our greatest helper. As the psalm 121 goes “I lift my eyes up unto the mountains where does my help come from, my help comes from You, maker of heaven creator of the earth.”

Let us ponder and think where we go for help when we fall…Have mercy on us O Lord

The Eighth Station
8. Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

“Weep not for me but for yourselves... “said Jesus so long ago. Women have been at the receiving end of abuse at various stages of life. If they have survived infanticide, they grow up to be teased, harassed at home, work place etc and after marriage suffer domestic violence, not to mention acid attacks by spurned lovers and rapes not even sparing children. In many cases these instances are swept under the carpet because they are the weaker sex. Worse they are blamed for the crimes committed against them because they are supposed to induce the attacks on themselves by their behaviour or their clothes. They need to weep for themselves, because no one else will. Recently an ad campaign called Bell Bajao that ran on TV asked people to shed their indifference to domestic violence and take a stand by doing something simple as ringing the bell. I think we all can at least ring the bell.

Let us pause and ponder if we have been indifferent to such instances, have we been indifferent to our sisters when they suffer...Have mercy on us O Lord

The Ninth Station
9. Jesus falls the third time: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

The third dimension of the fall is the human dimension. God will send help when we call on Him, but very often through the hands of our brother who will lift us up. We are more likely to get a hand of a brother to lift us up than a rope from the heaven, because God often does not work the way we want him to do.
Therefore it is very obvious that every day there are many brothers out there who are desperate for our hands to pull them up.

Let us pause and think - Have we been indifferent to their calls for help…Have mercy on us O Lord

The Tenth Station
10. Jesus is stripped off His garments: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

The greatest possession of a person is his or her name. In the bible every name stood for the person’ character eg. Adam (created from earth) Moses (taken out of water). Every name encapsulates the person, just think what Jesus, Gandhi and Hitler bring to mind. To strip a person of his garments, is to strip the person of his dignity, today we strip people of their dignity when we strip them of their name and the character that is within their name. Character assassination is painful and demeaning as physically stripping someone. Gossip and harmless rumours are the start of a character stripping. Also nick names, funny names are not funny because they take away from the person his or her dignity and the name given by God. Remember he calls each by our name just as he did to Zacchaeus. He called me by my name, by my name and since nothing has been the same. He called me by my name, by my name.

Let us pause and reflect if we have been guilty of stripping the dignity of our fellow men by character assassination, have we unknowingly been part of a character assassination by simply spreading gossip…Have mercy on us O Lord

The Eleventh Station
11. Jesus is nailed to the cross: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

So far we have seen more of the indifference in the interpersonal dimension, now we will move on to the dimension of our relationship with God. The Passion of Christ movie was so gruesome that some people could not watch it entirely. It carried the rating of R due to excessive violence. We know the violence is what happened in Calvary to our God who took the form of a man. We know Jesus died for our sins and he was nailed to the cross for our sins.
Our sins were the nails on the Jesus’ cross. When we sin, we hammer yet another nail deep into the hands of Christ even today.

Let us pause and ponder - Have we been indifferent to this? Are we conscious of the
pain we cause to Christ?

But he was wounded for our transgressions and he was tortured for our iniquities and His chastisement has brought us healing and by His scourging we are made whole.
Have mercy on us O Lord

The Twelfth station
12. Jesus dies on the cross: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

The Word of God is living and active far sharper than a two edged sword. God is speaking through scripture to those who choose to hear. Jesus said “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God”, if we do not eat then we become weak and we know that starvation may lead to death, likewise our faith needs to be sustained by the Word of God. During difficult situations when we are clueless what to do next, do we run to the scriptures or do we seek the assistance of stars and fortune tellers?

Let us pause and reflect if we are indifferent to our spiritual health by neglecting the WOG…Have mercy on us O Lord

The Thirteenth Station
13. Jesus' body is removed from the cross and laid on Mary’s lap: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

“Do what he asks you to do” – said Mary as the precedent to the first miracle. In it lies the simple message to all, do what Jesus says or even better follow what Jesus did. In this station we will examine one of the important facets of Jesus, namely, prayer. The Son of God prayed to His Father always and is an example for us to follow. Prayer helps to build a deeper relationship with God. Let us shed our indifference to prayer life and make it a point to pray for us primarily and then in turn for others as Mary intercedes for those in need. She knew that the people at the feast were in urgent need and she knew that Jesus will supply their need. She constantly prays for us, when we seek her intercession. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Let us pause and reflect if we have neglected prayer… Have mercy on us O Lord

The Fourteenth Station
14. Jesus is laid in the tomb: We adore you O Christ and we bless you...

Our relationship with God can become dead when we are far removed from God, we find so many things that are of less importance to keep us occupied that we ignore the many graces that are given to us. As we know the sacraments are the outward sign of the inward grace. The sacraments help us to revive our dead spiritual life to be given a new lease of life. The sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist can be received regularly to renew our relationship with God. But how often do we approach these channels of grace, with fervour and excitement to meet the Lord and His forgiveness? Whereas with our indifferent attitude it is more often done as a routine and with no respect. Are we aware of this?

Let us pause and ponder if we have been indifferent to the graces that God offers to
us because we have not received the sacraments…Have mercy on us O Lord

Concluding Prayer
We live in a world which is cold and insular because we have often become indifferent to the three dimensions we have seen in this Stations of the Cross, we are often indifferent to ourselves, our fellow men and our God! Through the prophet Ezekiel the Lord promises to break our hearts of stone and give a heart of flesh for love alone. Let us pray for a change of heart, to open ourselves and be sensitive Christians in this world irrespective of the situations and circumstances. Change my heart O Lord

For the intensions of the Holy Father
Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory be to Father...

I do not yet know if this struck a chord with the people, if it does with you drop a line.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You are as old as you think you are...

Oxy had left a beautiful comment on my last post and that inspired this post. You are as old as you think you are…

I look back at some things that I started doing when I was young and when I look at me right now I think nothing much has changed almost.

I still:
- Suck on sugar boiled candies and jujubes
- Read comic books, while I have started high school and am now working Archie and the gang are still struggling to get out from Riverdale High and never failing to bring a smile on my face each time.
- Watch the ageless and violent cat and mouse story; yes Tom and Jerry still ranks as one of the all time best option to kill time
- Like lollipops and ice candy, they may look silly but far silly are cigarettes than peep out of others lips
- Drink H2O to get me a high
- Like Kevin McAllister, though Macaulay Culkin may have 10 year old kids, yet HA 1,2 still figures in my list of movies that can be watched any number of times
- Think that goodness is rewarded
- Believe that God is good
- Love my family and think home is the best
- Laugh out heartily when I hear a joke; watch a comedy, read a comic
- Enjoy home cooked food (mom and now D) the best
- Fight with my brother, only now it is at an intellectual level
- Dream of the ideal world
- Play pranks on unsuspecting friends and family
- Pray
- Sing like nothing else matters
- Spend time with friends
- Obey my parents even though it is tougher

The list goes on...

So how old do you think I am?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good wine matures with age...

I am yet to come to terms with something I read a couple of days ago in the Hindu. I start my day with two ordinary newspapers – The Hindu and The Times of India and try to squeeze in the Economic Times and The Business Line before the end of day.

The usually solid and staid Hindu shook me up when it proclaimed in no uncertain terms that I AM OLD!!! This profound statement was backed by a study done by some people who make a living studying such profound theories. Before you wonder why my age is news, let me clarify anybody aged beyond 26 years and 364 days are old. The study revealed that old age and decline starts at 27 and the peak for a person is 22 years.

The first question that hit me was, “Why did I not know this earlier?” the next question immediately following was “What did I do when I was 22?”.

The answer to the first was easy enough, the Hindu edition was printed as early as 3 nights ago, but the second answer was very disturbing – I was in all probability working (nothing has changed since), in all probabilities I would not have done anything that would have strained the peak of my prowess even back then.

So what are the symptoms of old age? Decline in the senses, motor skills, you know the like. I should have figured this out when reaching out for the calculator on the desktop to do some simple arithmetic or when I put a reminder on my cell phone for an important birthday.

Now that I have come down from any euphoric highs I may have had I know what I must do… If you can’t beat the tide, you might as well ride it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Use your finger, wisely

I have become a fan of the Jaago Re! campaign and am trying to get as many people to register on Facebook and am very happy that some have actually signed up. That is the first step, the next big thing is to remind them to vote and another important thing,not to vote for criminals.

This is another small step, they say "it only takes a spark to get a fire glowing and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing..."

Pass the word, if you have not joined, do so now.Right Here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog Award!!!

After 200 posts I have finally got an award! Thank you Daisy Blue. The award comes with some rules, so I will graciously accept it and follow the rules.

The rules first:

* Put the image on your blog
* List 10 truths about yourself
* Give the award to 5 other people
* Provide meaningful quotation

Rule 1:


Rule 2:

i) I am a total home body and the best place in the whole wide world is home
ii) I love to sing
iii) I have a good sense of humour and I laugh out LOUD
iv) Nothing can be as enjoyable as a hour of Tom & Jerry or a good comic
v) My favourite drink is a glass of cooled water
vi) I love to drive around Chennai late in the night
vii) I have two left feet and my fear of stepping on others exceeds my desire to dance
viii) I hate creepy crawly insects
ix) Mum tells me that during my KG interview I said I will shoot the principal, I got admitted
x)I got a state rank in French in class X, but found out today that my school has not kept a record of it


Rule 3:

1) Jane
2) Oxymoron
3) Arvind
4) Chriz
5) Anju (this is for her last post!)


Rule 4:

" Find purpose, the means will follow"
From M.K. Gandhi, its my official signature line, very inspiring.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

More random thoughts

ESP: Does it exist? I don’t know, but I do know that at least on two occasions I was wide awake when something unfortunate occurred. Now this may sound trivial but I generally sleep like a log, ie I don’t have a disturbed sleep. On these mentioned occasions I was jolted out of sleep and was wide awake. First time in a few minutes I got a tragic phone call about a classmate’s demise, the other I was informed of a robbery next door when everyone slept. I wonder…

Rules: The other day I was asked by an Idiot (please read onwards to understand, why an Indiot) if I was a stickler for rules. He observed that I was wearing my seat belt. Idiots do not understand that seat belts, helmets and others of their ilk are not fashion accessories or just after thoughts mentioned by law but potential life savers. When will people realize that road rules are not for the police men’s amusement and pleasure but directives to ensure one reaches his / her destination safely?

Helplessness: Have you gone through times, when your loved one comes to you in pain and there is nothing you can do about it, either because you don’t know what to do or because there is nothing you can do? Those are times when words are just not enough…

Sport: The creaky muscles groaned and grumbled, but settled down after I started enjoying badminton. Sport and me were as far the couch and the televison till very recently. D talked me into trying out a few games. What started off as yet another short lived attempt to loose a few kilos has now become a pleasurable routine spanning two weeks and counting.

Affirmation: It’s so nice to be affirmed. I know that I am a good guy (must learn some modesty) but to get affirmed by a close friend even though it was just over a small issue made me warm inside. There are times when words can be more than enough.

Fasting: Come lent and you have so many saying they will abstain from meat, drink, cigarettes etc. If they manage to abstain for 40 days I am really proud of them but the big question is if it is possible for 40 days why not give up smoke and booze altogether? Surely they know it is good for them. One person in particular indulged himself (booze, smoke and chilly beef) till 23:55 Hrs on Mardi Gras (the Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday) and on the hour washed his face, rinsed his mouth and was ready just in time for lent. Pity they do not realize that fasting does not mean delayed gratification.

PS: Googled “random” images and that is what I got.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Don't miss this... (A movie review)

Watched the Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu last night. I'm no movie reviewer, but judging by the full house and the audience response I can safely say that the movie is a winner like the actors in it.

Led by the reviews the family ended up at the theatre hoping to watch a good movie and we got our money's worth. Yes, they made Ghilli with Kabbadi as a sidekick to the movie with a superhero in the center stage, but this is a movie where the game is bigger than the characters in it, because simply we do not know the characters.

Go for the movie, if you won't miss one larger than life hero, one sexy heroine in designers, 5 songs, 3 fights, 1 disjointed comedy track and a screaming villain routine or a path breaking new movie. The funny part is you will find a villain(s), fight scenes, duets, the inevitable love story, a whole bunch of comedians and an almost predictable tried and tested formula, but they are not what we have seen before.

Kudos to the makers and the absolutely lovely cast who made it such a pleasant journey. The subtle messages and the mild humour are the toppings on a enjoyable dessert.

But as we left the theatre, mildly shaken by the unexpected climax, i couldn't help noticing the question on every one's lips - Why...?

Watch it, you may get the answer and if you find out the name of the heroine in the movie, do tell me, I don't think i got it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little drops

I saw one idiot riding his motorbike on the pavement on the wrong side of the road, a little further yet another idiot made a U-turn in the middle of a flyover. I wondered for a brief moment if there is merit in being good, when everything around is bad?

I always believed that what is inside makes the person and not the outside and despite people doing bad to you, you do what is right because you are in the right. Anyway this belief was mildly shaken as mentioned before. A little further I received the daily verse by SMS from a friend it read, “Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we don’t give up.” – Gal 6:9. If you sow a bad seed what you get during the harvest is good for nothing. If you sow a good seed what you get during harvest is useful to you and others. Never give up doing good.

My faith restored I reached office with a smile.

PS: I just realized that I have crossed 200 posts, this is No. 201! Its been an eventful 28 months of personal blogging. Thanks to everyone who have journeyed with me thus far. Thanks to those who will journey with me, for I have miles to go before I sleep...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

A great advertisement that has been been redusted in time for Feb 14th. I think it really captures the spirit of the day.

Kudos to the script writer who came up with the words that the diamond does not know your age. Beautiful.

To all the naysayers including a certain joker who threatens to marry off couples and some fanatical students who are planning similar acts, think its time you guys get a job or a girl.

But the big question is why is 14th feb tickling their butts? Have they never gone to the Marina beach any day of the year? Listen you love less jokers, to people in love any day is Valentine's day, it just don't matter.

To sign off, give a little love, it is always in short supply in the world and no, you dont have to wait for Feb 14th.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Time to act

I am getting so irritated with these goons who are now policing the cities with their warped code of morality. They have topped the list of my most hated people including, bad drivers, uncouth auto driving goons, public spitters and pissers, you get the general idea.

The reason they abound is that many of us slept when the elections happened or we voted for communal criminals to power. 26/11 brought an outpouring of grief, outrage, fear, disgust and utter revulsion for the perpetrators and many were spontaneous in lighting candles and having protest marches across the country. Very good. I did neither, I confess. But to what avail?

Have any of us considered doing something against these goons who are trying to find new reasons to kill peace? From pub culture, which is crazy by itself, if people think that women don’t drink pay attention next time you read about a hooch tragedy, the liquour is often made, sold and consumed by women also, but always in a minority. So if you have a problem with pub culture, why not close pubs? That will loose precious revenue to the government, revenue that these goons are not likely to contribute anyway. The curse to society is not these clubs that are frequented by the elite and the minority but the many smelly, shady bars that are illegally run by the government near the TASMAC counters. These are a menace to society and if you happen to live near one you will know what I am talking about.

Heard that noodle straps and tight jeans are next on the agenda. I can’t help wonder why are men, whether they are voice chancellors, college principals, moral leaders and others of their ilk looking at women’s legs? What Indian culture do they speak of? If I remember those days when people flocked to catch the episodes of Ramayana or Mahabharatha, why did nobody notice those heavily jazzed up strappy blouses that the women wore? That is our culture.

Valentine’s Day benefited the card stores and the ancillary industries that grew around an alien custom. Agreed V day may have come from abroad but the day celebrates love and love is universal. It is not alien to our culture as from time immemorial courtship and romance occupied the most mind space. Heck every other movie that is made in any Indian language has the love element. Jamal and Lathika courted briefly in the railway station briefly, and it is applauded and accepted as Indian. Two people spending time together in a public space irks some morons! Have they never visited the sands of the Marina on any day of the year, why wait for 14th Feb?

What was really bitter to accept was the fact that a daughter of a MLA was kidnapped for traveling with a Muslim youth on a bus. What is objectionable here? If this is the state of a VIP what happens to the public at large?

When will we arise against this? These goons are alien to our culture; they know nothing about their faith or the faith of others, nor about our history, nor our culture. They need to be slippered in public, I have my slipper ready, how about you?

Monday, February 02, 2009

National Commission for Women?

Watch the video and spot the many press reporters running around in the melee trying to get the best pictures. It is reported that many press reporters were at Amnesia before the goons landed and took up vantage points. Maybe they were going to Amnesia or they had amnesia it never struck any of them to call the cops and avert this incident, but then they would be loosing precious TRP's. Wonder if they would have done the same if their girls / sisters / daughters were in the same situation.

What was shocking was one woman from the NCW blaming the pub owner for lax security and almost absolving the goons of blame. If the NCW is for women maybe the members and more importantly that woman should watch ads like this and think what they last did when they saw someone on a glamour...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Games we played in class

Sometimes your mind drifts off on a tangent spurred by the most innocuous of thoughts but the end results are worth the effort. Was washing my hand with soap and as I observed the soap bar I wandered back in time…

I remember the prank that I used to play on others in school having been the victim initially I decided I should share the joy.
Step 1: Find an unsuspecting soul willing to explore the latest personality mapping / or astrological mumbo jumbo for themselves.
Step 2: Draw a grid on the palm of the victim’s hand (the more intricate, the better)
Step 3: Ask a set of pertinent questions like “A favourite person of the opposite sex…”
Step 4: Write the answer somewhere in the grid and proceed till you complete most of the spaces except for one small section.
Step 5: Look sufficiently thoughtful and ensure that you write as randomly as possible. Step 6: Ask the killer question, “What soap do you use?”
Step 7: Write the answer on the vacant space, start scoring out your labours till you have totally covered the palm
Step 8: Pronounce loudly, “You will have a healthy and clean future if you use this soap regularly and wash yourself daily starting with you hand from today”.
Step 9: Scoot!

Another time pass that spared few was the great romance tracker called FLAMES. I know many of you may have a smile on your face, if you have played it. For the ignoramus among us FLAMES stands for 6 options:
1) Friendship (not always desired)
2) Love (tops the list of results yearned for)
3) Affection (a poor second to friends, who needs affection anyway)
4) Marriage (a long term goal for many)
5) Enemies (this has broken a few hearts)
6) Sisters!!! (a surprising option considering that the parties involved are generally of opposite sexes, I suspect the inventor ran out of feelings for S, now I guess it would be renamed as Sex)

Anyway the task involved getting the names of two individuals and checking out what is on between them. To explain let me take the example of Surya and Jyothika.
Step 1: Write the names one below the other. (Back then gays were not in vogue, so it always was a boy and a girl)

Step 2: Cross out the common letters in both the names

Step 3: Count the total number of letters

Step 4: Write the magic word

Step 5: Starting from L to R cross out the ninth letter of the word iteratively

Step 6: Announce the results!!! (OMG the fans are going to lynch me!!!)

Step 7: If you decide to proceed further despite the heartburn and quantify the depths of the feelings, you can proceed to this step. Write down the number of each vowel in both the names.

2 0 1 1 1

Step 8: Now progressively divide this number by two till you reach a two digit figure, rounding it off to the next number when you reach an odd number.

20112 (+1)
1258 (+1)
630 (+1)
316 (+1)

Step 9: This ladies and gentlemen is the true feeling between the two parties and that too @ 80%

This never ceased to amuse us back then in school.

Ah!!! Those good old days!

PS: D & I would be E @ 65%!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tagged for the first time, this year

1.If your Lover betrayed you, what would your reaction be?

Well looking back, I guess I will get over it slowly

2.If you have one dream which could come true, it would be?

Still thinking…

3.Which one do you prefer-ice-cream or chocolate?

Chocolate brownie with ice cream?

4.What would you do with a billion dollars?

Spend some, save some, donate some, give some, burn some, loose some…

5.Can you fall in love with your best friend?

Why not?

6.Who is more blessed-loving someone or being loved by someone?

Loved by someone…

7.How long would you wait for someone you love?


8.If the person you like is secretly attached, what would you do?

Wait for her to come around

9.If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?

Social inequality in all forms (same as Belle )

10.What takes you down fastest?

Gravity. I agree with Belle.

11.What according to you is blogger in denial?

Blogger who cannot or will not accept the truth

12.What’s your fear?

I may not complete the things I planned

13.Your opinion of the persons who tagged you with this?

My good friend whom I’m very fond of.

14.Would you be single & rich or married & poor?

Married happily & not very poor :-) (Me 2 Belle)

15.What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Open my eyes (Don’t we all)

16.If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, whom would you pick?

God only knows, cos I don’t

17.Would you give all in a relationship?


18.What’s eating you now?

Muscle cramps

19.Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?

I am happily settled in a relationship

20.What is your occupation?


21.What color are your socks right now?

I’m barefooted now

22.What are you listening to right now?

Some comedy scenes on TV

23.What was the last thing you ate?

Appam and stew

24.Can you drive stick shift?

Yup, not tried auto

25.Last person you spoke to on the phone?

My pal in Hyderabad

26.Do you like the person who sent this to you?

Of course

27.How old are you today?

Just under the Big Th

28.What is your favorite sport to watch?

Cricket, F1, Tennis, football

29.What are your favorite drinks?
Cooled pot water

30.Have you ever dyed your hair?


31.Favorite Food?


32.What is the last movie you watched?

I don't remember

33.Favorite day of the year?


34.How do you vent anger?

Scream it off

35.What was your favorite toy as a child?

Can’t remember so many toys

36.What is your favorite Season?


37.Do you want your friends to email you back?

Of course

38.When was the last time you cried?

When I got something in my eye

39.What is on the floor of your closet?

Bed covers

40.Who is the friend you have the longest you are sending to?

The longest doesn’t blog, so sending to others

41.What did you do last night?


42.Plain, Cheese or Spicy hamburger?


43.Favorite dog breed?

Labradors and mongrels

44.Favorite day of the week?


45.How many states have you lived in?

Tamilnadu, Maharashtra

46.Diamonds or Pearls?


47.What is your wish for the new year?

That I achieve at least two of my goals this month

48.New year resolution?

No resolutions

I am passing on the tag to: