Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You are invited!!!!!!!


Good day to you. You are warmly invited to a music concert on Sunday, 31st August at 6 pm at the Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium (Inside the M.C.T.M Chidambaram Chettiar school) in Mylapore on Luz Church Road.

This is a concert done by The John Millns Choir in aid of an organisation named Friends For The Needy and also in memory of the Late Rev. John Millns who was in Madras during the late 1940s and 50s as a minister of the Wesley Circuit of Churches. He was a great Tenor singer himself and trained many when he was here, the Founder-Conductor of the John Millns Chorale, Jabez Janagaraj, being one of them himself.

The concert will be accompanied by an Orchestra (all of whom play for Ilaiyaraja and Rahman) comprising 8 violins (4+4), 3 violas, 2 cellos, 1 double bass, a trumpet and flute and will also be accompanied on the keyboard by Samuel Abeysekera, the Founder-Director of the famous Tamil Trio - The Three Chords. An added attraction will be the trombone for one orchestral number called Nostalgia, arranged by the Leader of the orchestra, Jerry Fernandes, played by the trumpeter himself.

You could watch out for the following numbers which are bound to arrest your attention:

- Mine Eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord, an arrangement by Jabez Janagaraj, the conductor.

- If I can help somebody as I pass along, a song dedicated solemnly to Rev. John Millns who lived his life helping others.

- Ascotte Gavotte from My Fair Lady, a jolly tune with the orchestra going in full flow.

- Sixteen Tons, a song based on the misery of coal miners in the 1930s by Merle Travis, sung as a solo by my good friend and great bass singer, John Fredric with the choir backing him up.

- When the saints go marching in, with the audience participating in it.

You are most welcome to join us that day. Bring your friends who love music and choir singing.

For any other details call me.


Seen and heard @ Hyderabad

Seen: A new housing project in Hyderabad called (can you believe it?) "Space Station 1", the project has been promoted by the Alien's group (sic). They invite people to become an alien. Whatever will they think of next. Makes you wonder if people have become so short of ideas.

Heard: Actually this was heard during the train journey to Hyderabad. I usually tend to be serenaded by the clatter of the rails that tend to put me off to sleep. The rail track lullaby was rudely overshadowed by a thunderous noise, which grew in cacophony as more sources of the sound joined in. In all my life I have never heard such loud snoring and that too in a chorus! I had nightmares in my sleep from thunderstorms to earthquakes with accompanying sound effects.

Seen: I'm a little wary of the rains in Hyderabad as when it rains it floods the city so when the heavens opened up while I was in an auto I was just a bit uneasy. My unease increased when the auto driver refrained from using the windshield wiper sitting proudly on the windshield. My doubts were laid to rest when the auto driver parked his auto and manually dragged the wiper back and forth to clear the raindrops. Talk about manpower Vs battery power.

Heard: Hyderabd is a lousy place to live in. Coming from a resident of nearly three years, I was a little curious. But my friend went on to explain that the people are too laid back and act like the Nizams of old, worse the high cost of living is making normal people yearn to be Nizams too! All said and done, Namma Chennai pola varuma?

PS: The 369th Birthday of Madras (I still prefer that name) passed us by on the 22nd of August.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Independence day!

We will be celebrating 61 years of independence tomorrow. A popular radio show was asking people what was their take on independence. Various views emerged but somehow they all seemed to be on a very superficial level.

So what is my take on independence?
It means responsibility.

Why responsibility? because when you are free, you think you can do anything, but you cannot. Freedom means you have the power to choose between good and bad, right and wrong. And in the choice lies the responsibility. Life is often the consequence of our choices.

Happy Independence Day!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I wonder...

Been out of blog world for some time now. Work, illness, marriage have all taken their toll I'm struggling to find that all elusive balance.

Boss says "When you have no results at work, personal life takes a back seat", but why work if there is no personal life.

Right now personal life and work are getting intertwined so much I take time to realize what I'm doing.

I should bounce back soon.