Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lose weight, ask me how

Some time ago I had posted about the 30 day WCCG challenge, I completed that challenge successfully and intended to take it for another 20 days so that I will have a milestone and some bragging rights but I ended up 4 days short for a grand total of 46 days.

While I am delighted that I exceeded the initial milestone I was a little disappointed on missing out the next one despite gamely holding on so far. The benefits of this activity were mentioned in the earlier post but I missed out the key reason for starting the challenge which I will share now.

As with all weight loss plans I decided the first step would be to visit various gyms and get their quotes before signing up for one. We were almost convinced by one gym when we decided to step into the next one which appeared to be almost deserted. Then I was mind blown when the person at the front desk gave me a quote of 350000 for 6 months, I will repeat the number in words so that you are not confused – Rupees Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand only for 90 days to be paid as a single installment. At the end of their personalized plan which be executed by a team of trained professionals, the victim er the customer will be fit enough to do 500 push ups and run a half marathon!

I have run 3 half marathons in around 3 hours in 2014 but I have never done 5 let alone do 500 pushups so while the offer was partly tempting my bank balance had the last laugh as I left the place. It was at that moment I decided to go back to what I could do for free and what I used to like doing and that is run, jog if you please. While my running will be slow even funny to others I run with the single minded intention of fat burn and burn 5 kilos I did in these last 45 days.

I feel lethargic if I do not run at the end of the day, I do not worry if I oversleep and roll it over for the next day but finish before turning in for the night. There were times when many road blocks happened but sheer will bordering on madness helped me complete the first 30 days and the next 16.

You will slowly start noticing few benefits: you tend to sleep better, often earlier than usual, you tend to eat better and the mind slowly starts to overlook junk food, you breathe better despite all the pollution thanks to the fresh air in the lungs, you feel fitter and slowly you start looking fitter, clothes start fitting better again, you develop a glow on your face and the list just goes on.

If you think you want to lose weight: just get up, lace your shoes and run. Some veterans including Milind Soman do it bare feet so it will not cost you a penny but will take some getting used to. You don’t have to run to prove anything to anyone but you, you don’t have to run races and set new personal milestones, you just need to know that beyond every grimace, every stretched muscle there is a smile at the end.

Note that only running will not lose enough weight but it is a great way to start the journey. And yes, I am open to references from members of good gyms with reasonable pricing plans for weight training and some fun company.

p.s. If you see anyone wearing that badge in the picture above, run away far away from them. They are from a MLM company trying to sell you a story that may not be 350000 but will still pinch you.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

When three is not a crowd

Two is company, three is a crowd but not when you are the “crowd maker”. My walks in the Tower Park Annanagar have given me the chance to observe the many “crowd maker” who dot the park. If you are wondering who is a crowd maker (I made this up), it is that noble soul who offers his / her time and presence to make a couple not a couple.

You know with the moral police breathing behind your backs some private time for couples in public places are hard to come by worse if the fear of getting caught by a family member or a relative who will ensure that a little bit of hell is unleashed in the homes of those who get caught. So there you have these noble souls who make the supreme sacrifice of saving their friends with their presence and making a twosome more than that; No! I did not mean a threesome, you dirty minds.

How do you identify these crowd makers? Easy they look uncomfortable and bored sitting close but not close enough to hear but not hear the sweet nothings of the two nearby. They often hear everything but act as if they did not and hopefully they never use it to their own ends in not so good times. Mostly the crowd makers are women though there is the rare male with a heart of gold who is also found sitting busy with his phone trying to ignore the things around him.

I admire these kind souls who are making such sacrifices even today in this insular world where nobody cares for another. I often wonder what the perks of being a “crowd maker” can be:  I am guessing that brownie points from the friend, possibility of meeting a friend of the guy, free food, lot of free entertainment live, sometimes movie dates also happen in threes so more entertainment of the paid variety, lots of pointers for sweet nothings for future use could be some of the perks. I am sure that I must have missed out many because it is not so easy being a crowd maker.

So have you ever been a crowd maker for a friend?

P.S. I had been on a date along with a crowd maker, long ago. It was hilarious.